Monday, 7 November 2011

the best time

to clean the wardrobe is straight after a three
hour long exam...

i've been meaning to clean out some of my clothes,
especially in preparation for the summer months
(and to make room for the number of lolita items
i've bought this year! oops!) i must admit, i have
certainly prioritised my lolita clothes above all else~
it has grown significantly this year (which has been
terrble for my pockets) but i managed to find some
of my most favourite prints, so overall, it was
most definitely worth it!

how do you organise your wardrobe?
i like to hang up all my lolita goodies~ with the few
jumperskirts and onepieces together with the summer
dresses ready for the coming heat. and the skirts
all together next to blouses. it's all very well
incorporated into the rest of my clothes so i find it
easier to co-ordinate!

what items do you have most?
my first piece of lolita clothing was a skirt, and i
have been faithful since! they are so easy to wear
and much more fun to co-ordinate (and much cheaper
to obtain than jumperskirts! hoho!)


  1. well done for cleaning! I just spent the weekend sorting out our spare room! i can see the floor at last!

    love amy

  2. Your wardrobe is beautiful! It's so organized too. I love skirts the most as well, they're so versatile and I find them really flattering. ^_^


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