Thursday, 15 December 2011

there is no better way

to enjoy life than with good friends and good food...
to welcome our dear friend who's originally from a
country town, we decided we ought to take her 
somewhere nice for lunch and dessert. 

we had some delicious indian food that was both
tasty and cheap. it's a lovely restaurant in the city,
and the service there is so good too!


after taking some time to digest that delicious
butter chicken, we spent quite a long time in the
sticker photo machines. we were being so silly
and laughing so much, it sure made the digestion
process go quicker!

we headed to a relatively new crepe place. i've
actually been saving myself from going beforehand
to make the experience with our cute little group
more enjoyable and wholesome. this is the yummy
strawberry and chocolate brownie with soft icecream
crepe. it was muuch cheaper and fuller than the other
crepe place. I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet snack,
and will definitely go and try something else next time!


oh, and lately i have been craving peach tea,
especially the iced type. with bubbles! yum!
what's you're favourite fruit at the moment?
since summer is here, peaches and nectarines
are very high on my list!


outfit post # 58: animal stories
- red beret (with bow brooch from the skirt)
- green blouse from offbrand
- brown cardigan from offbrand
- cream pompom shawl from offbrand
- tan corset-look belt
- tales of the wood skirt from metamorphose
- rilakkuma bear from san-x

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