Sunday, 27 May 2012

lolitas don't get old

i celebrated my birthday with the lovely group of lolitas here in adelaide. with forecasted rain, my picnic was turned into a lovely afternoon at the nearby teahouse (restaurant/cafe/bar) called saldechins. this is a very beautiful place that serves western styled foods as well as yumcha, a beautiful selection of teas and cakes, and at night it becomes a very popular cocktail bar. all  in a very classy atmosphere.

 my friend decided to try the rose and lychee tea which i had the first time i went to saldechins. the glass teapots let you watch the tea infuse and it's simply beautiful. this tea smells very sweet and the taste is quite subtle. i tried a lychee lemon ice tea which was just as delightful, but served in a tall glass (which isn't as fancy!)


 i shared a slice of the caramel cheesecake with my sister because it looked so rich i was afraid of wasting any! my sister complained her slice was smaller, but i swear they were even (i was never good at fractions!) the cake was quite nice, but the caramel topping was a little too sweet for me!


i received a few unexpected gifts! thank you my dears~  the delicate shoe and bag that are now sitting on the bookshelf in my room are from lulu, and my friend freya drew me this very cute picture of a deer girl! i like to think i inspired it~ but it's very beautiful, and the photo really doesn't do justice to the colours. i can't thank these lovely girls enough!

i only managed to get one photo taken of the pretty lolitas who turned up! and look, it's rilakkuma joining us in the photo~ i was very fortunate as i received my reserve item from baby the stars shine bright earlier the same day. it's the my little red riding hood jsk! (yes, that is me wearing it in the front~) the colour and detail on this dress are perfect, i love it so much! i didn't manage to get another outfit photo...

outfit photo #81:
- headbow from baby the stars shine bright
- peter pan collar blouse from baby the stars shine bright
- my little red riding hood jsk from baby the stars shine bright
- brown cardigan
- brown tights
- red tea parties from secretshop

and an obligatory print shot with petit patisserie, little red riding hood, star night theatre and two unprinted dresses! i had such a lovely time with all my frilly filles~


  1. ^^ I wish I had come now, you girls seemed to have a lot of fun!

    1. it's ok kathy~ we can have lost more fun another time :3


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