Monday, 14 May 2012

twenty one today

most people get asked 'how does it feel to be x years old now?' when it's their birthday. well, i always ask it, anyway. luckily most my friends are older than me so they always know how it feels before me and they don't ask me. admittedly, i don't feel any different than yesterday. it's a good thing.

i have discovered that one of the privileges of getting old is free food! well, if you've signed up for membership cards around the place. i scored a lovely free lunch of crepes and bubble tea while my sister struggled through a huge free boost juice, courtesy of me. i decided to have my favourite strawberry and brownie icecream crepe with my favourite red bean milk tea.

it was difficult to finish both the large bubble tea and crepe, but i regret nothing! and surprisingly, the cream and chocolate sauce managed to stay in the crepe (and in my mouth~) i'm very good at getting chocolate all around my mouth and dropping juicy strawberries everywhere. but i think i'm getting better at eating these delicious wrapped messes.

i whipped up another quick outfit with my sheep garden skirt. it has relatively more shirring at the back so it was quite spacious even after my huge meal. now, dinner here we come!

outfit shot #79
- pink plastic bow headband from baby the stars shine bright
- white blouse
- brown cardigan
- sheep garden skirt from angelic pretty
- pink royal chocolate 3way bag from angelic pretty
- strawberries and ribbon socks from baby the stars shine bright
- brown teaparty shoes from secret shop


  1. :D Super cute outfit. The crepe looks delicious, especially since they put the brownie IN yours. With mine they put it on top. What a hassle LOL!

    Anyways, happy birthday, how does it feel to be 21 now? :D

    1. XDDD it feels exactly like being 20! (good news, right?) ah, the first time i tried the brownie crepe, they had it at the top too! but it's much better when it's inside and won't fall out so easily XD

  2. Thank you~
    I bought these shoes especially to match with this dress hihi ♥
    You're cute with this skirt, as always ♫

  3. I love the combination of brown with sheep garden. The touch of sax gives it a cute preppy look too! Also, happy belated b'day! I wish we could get free crepes and bubble tea in Melbourne ^^;


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