Monday, 4 June 2012

i'm back

to my spendthrifty ways...

it's june! i'm off my month of money fasting~ it was successful though! i managed to restrain myself from spending even when i saw something i really really liked! this is the first purchase for the month (though technically my sister made the order last month) i decided to try out some different eyelash styles and brands. they were all very cheap, quite natural looking and about half the price of dollywink eyelashes. i'm yet to wear them, but when i do, i shall comment!

i bought these cute pink glitter hairclips today~ they are so cute! and i even got 50% off, i feel so lucky~

lastly! happy international lolita day (for the weekend) mes jolies filles~ i didn't attend the local gathering but i decided to dress up for myself anyway! it was a good excuse, right? this is the newest addition to my wardrobe; a little something from closetchild i had on hold~ it's much more otome style, but it's close enough, right? oh, and i found a brighter room for photos! (heehee~) welcome to my brother's room. but i think i'm going to clean his mirror for him...

outfit post #83
- fancy box beret from angelic pretty
- black chiffon blouse
- ribbon and logo nop from emily temple cute
- black tights

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  1. Haha you did end up dressing up then taking a photo in your room. xD You look really cute, emily temple cute even. The eyelashes are adorable, I can't wait to see close ups of them. The other week I asked Kai about eyelashes, and she wrote me an essay. LOL!


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