Wednesday, 4 July 2012

sparkly peachie goodies (for you!)

ps: readers, you'll find i have a little surprise for you all at the end of the post~  

i wanted to review some of the cute accessories my very talented friend makes that you may have already seen in my outfit posts. sparkle peach is run by the very adorable lauren who makes adorable sweet accessories, nail art and decorated iphone cases for sweet lolitas as well as cute accessory loving girls. her goodies are perfect for decorating especially for deco-lolita or sweet lolita. i love wearing a piece of two even on a super casual day to uni, just to brighten my day~

fluffy star 2way brooch. this brooch is so soft and goes well with spank or pop style as well as deco-lolita. you can even wear it in your hair too~ they match my sweet converses too! heehee~ currently there are some fluffly rainbows similar to this star on her storenvy.


this is my favourite necklace from sparkle peach~ she custom made me a nickname necklace. it's an acrylic laser cut with a cute heart on it. i love wearing this on a black blouse and making it stand out~ she's been making plenty of geeky acrylic cuts with words like 'otaku' and 'kawaii' which have been selling out faster than she can put them online so check her facebook for the most up to date updates.

i'm not usually one who likes super decorated nails, but she let me try these on. these are the most colourful, sugarcoated darlings. i love them so much and didn't want to take them off~ she's willing to take custom make orders too so check her facebook for designs and to place your order.

you'll find lots of sparkle peach goodies down the artist alley along with moripop and we'll be a super bright and colourful stall that you can't miss, so do stop by and see all the new merchandise sparkle peach (and co.) will have. i've seen some more cute previews of more geek necklaces, tons of sparkly starry bracelets and cookie brooches to come. what do you think? aren't they all so sweet? check out her facebook page for more sweet goodies, and don't forget to like it too~

and to all my sweet readers, there's a little something special for you too~ simply follow my blog , and you'll get a lovely free gift in you next purchase on sparkle peach's storenvy or facebook page~
 just leave a note when upon checking out letting her know you're a 2tspofsugar and sparkle peach follower to claim your peachy gift!~ this applies to international readers too~ (ends 31st August 2012)

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