Thursday, 4 October 2012

quand je n'ai rien à faire

when i have nothing better to do, i like to play dress ups! i wasn't able to attend the french meetup at chenonceaux back in early september (which i was really looking forward to) as i was still settling into my little room. so i've been a little lonely as a lolita with no where to go. but not to worry! i love just putting an outfit together for a quick snap, even just for myself~ (until my friend decides to surprise visit me~~ and since i forget to lock my door so often, it's really shocking sometimes!)

outfit post #95:
- green starry silk hair ribbon: offbrand
- black chiffon polka dot blouse: korea
- my little red riding hood jsk: baby the stars shine bright
- black tights: offbrand

something else i started doing in my spare time is drawing! it's been a very long time since i picked up the pencil and my sketchbook;  i had a break from drawing when nothing turned out right, especially when i force myself to draw something - it never turns out right. so i guess, i have to let things flow? but i was glad i brought my sketchbook with me because sometimes late at night, all i need is some yummy macarons (the lady from the shop knows us as regulars now! heehee~), my favourite playlist and something channel out the creativity~

instead of delicious mooncakes, we had dumplings and a really beautiful full moon to celebrate mid-autumn festival in autumn (for once!)~  we made the delicious dumplings from scratch too - yes! even the dumpling wrappers! my mother has the best recipe back home and luckily i enjoy helping out so i brought some dumpling making skill with me to france. they turned out really well and we're going to make them again this weekend since we're professionals now!~~ yum!

1000+ pageviews!! i'm so excited and happy, thank you for visiting and reading my blog. i'll work hard to keep it interesting too, okay? xx

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  1. Having so much fun are we? XD Wait, until I'm there, then it'll be party non-stop! XD Stay fresh and keep having fun!


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