Tuesday, 13 November 2012

there were other things (part II)

brussels is quite a small city compared to paris and london and everything is pretty close. we didn't even realise how close the bourse and the grand place was to our accommodation. this was a great win since the metro tickets were 30 euro cents more than paris.

 i had to crouch at a wierd angle to get the full length of that massive spire. it seriously towers over the whole city and even from the top of the atomium, it's very visible!

the grand place is literally grand! standing in the middle of the square, you're surrounded by the most spectacular buildings in brussels. not to mention there are countless chocolate and waffles stores in the vicinity. you can practically smell them from the square.  

brussels also has a number of lace shops! i spotted about five or more selling beautiful lacy doilies, brooches, table decorations and, my favourite, lace collars!! 

the only way to convince my friend to explore the fabulous galerie de la reine/ galarie saint hubert, was to tell her it was home to at least three chocolate shops. one of them turned out to be her favourite, so i win~ the gallery is reminiscent of the arcades back in adelaide, only the glass roof lights the space naturally.

the palais royal was unfortunately closed during the winter months. i was really excited to explore the palace interiors for free!!~ i had to settle for the grand exterior and formal green gardens instead. hello belgian royalty!!

the gates don't really beat those at versailles in paris, but they did have cute golden tassles~ it matched the dark green nicely too~ we also visited the magritte museum and horta museum, however, neither let us take photographs, so i can't share :(

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