Saturday, 8 December 2012

lolita blog carnival: my lolita inspiration

such a last minute decision to join this week's lolita blog carnival! but here i am, procrastinating as usual~ i really wanted to share my lolita inspiration, so here's a quick little post about who i look up to and who inspired my dress style as well as lifestyle.
1. midori fukasawa
she is no doubt, one of my favourite lolita models. she wears it so well and i also love her casual dress too in jane marple! her smile is adorable and i love every page of her stylebook.
2. misako aoki
misa-chan's baby the stars shine bright and emily temple cute outfits are always so adorable and simple. her room is the epitome of almost every sweet lolita, although i think i'd prefer mine a little less pink~
3. kairii-chan
my super cute and stylish sister introduced me to the fashion. we love twinning together and wearing lolita together, but i think she's much more creative and fashion-forward than me!
4.  herajika
herajika has amazing style, i love her hats, blouses, bags and shoes almost all the time. i admire how often she wears lolita too, and the different styles she pulls of so magically well~
5. pixie-late
i want almost every dress or print that pixie-late owns because she wears it so well, and i wish i could look as pretty as she does in lolita~

6. xylia-x
xylia-x has amazing coordination skills and always looks stunning no matter what she's wearing. her juliette et justine outfits are definitely my favourite, and she's a fellow australian~

all photos are taken from their respective blogs.

i decided to limit myself, otherwise i'd be going on and on~ i hope you enjoyed looking at the wonderful lolitas who inspire me. do you have a lolita inspiration (or two) in your life? here's a list of this week's participants:


  1. I loved reading your list! Herajika and xylia-x are two of my favorite lolitas too. <3

    1. i wish i could have added more on the list, but it'd be too long! don't they always looks so fabulous in lolita? :3

  2. I also loved your list! I'm fond of most of the lolita you posted here too, Midori is such a cutie <3

    1. mido-chan is so cute!! she is perhaps my ultimate lolita idol! <3

  3. Very lovely inspirations! I think it's great you can dress up with your sister <3

    1. i'm very lucky to have such a great sister into lolita! she's always keeping me updated with the new prints, and she helps me look for dream prints too! xx


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