Thursday, 31 January 2013

bonjour, ciao, hullo!

steps down from the sacre coeur basilique, paris

i do apologise for being absent for so long, but i've been doing a lot of traveling around europe before heading home next week. since we finished all our exams, my friend and i decided to go on a tour  through europe. we visited switzerland, italy, austria, germany, the netherlands, and belgium for a quick return to pack up and clean up our little rooms in poitiers. tomorrow we'll be saying our final goodbyes to our university town and heading to paris for a last few days. then it'll be home time! i'm looking forward to going home so much, even though i love europe so much!!

the almighty colosseum, rome!
i didn't get to spend much time in each city, and we only stayed at some smaller cities too in germany and austria, but it was still very enjoyable~ we had plenty of free time to do what we pleased as well, which involved a lot of food hunting! i didn't take many photos while on tour either because most of the time i was so tired and forgot, or the food was too delicious for a photo stop. since we were traveling on a coach bus between countries, we spent a lot of time on the bus, but it was really relaxing to sit back and watch a film or listen to music while watching the pretty scenery (or just sleep!)

unforgettably delicious apple pie in amsterdam
since i am short of time at the moment, i will share my experience of europe at a later time. here's just a quick snippet of what i've seen and eaten in the past two weeks. i must sort through all the photos on my camera and my phone~ that way, i can look back on my fond memories of europe again!

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