Saturday, 2 March 2013

while on my shopping adventures

 my oldest sister's favourite brand of makeup, mac, was having a cute little promotion for their new series: archie's girls. it's inspired by the comic books - which i've never even heard of. in fact, i wasn't even that interested in the new cosmetics, until this charismatic archie asked for a photo~!! even if he was paid to be, he was really friendly and happy for a chat~

 while shopping, i managed to take some outfit photos in the changerooms~ i wore the new dress i bought, which has a nice built in pannier for a cute shape! paired with my secret shop teaparties, i received some lovely comments from shopkeepers and bank tellers! (ps, look how long my hair has grown)

after a short bout of rain, the weather cooled down considerable, allowing me to wear over the knee socks and a thin cardigan! in summer?? i really welcomed the change though. on the topic of change, i recently got a haircut~ it was only a few inches off, but for me, it feels like my hair is much much shorter!! i also decided to cut my fringe - again! i'm just never comfortable with it swept to the side.

outfit post:
wine cardigan: korea
black sleeveless shirt: offbrand
green star necktie: offbrand
teacup skirt: emily temple cute
polka dot over the knee socks: japan
black leather brogues: offbrand
brown satchel bag: korea

oh! i almost forgot~ i made a new instagram account, and i'm trying to use it too this time. are you on instagram? if you are, please follow me here: (yup, with 3 'i's) i'm super new to it, and have only been posting photos from my trip. hopefully i'll fill it more with outfits and lolita sweet times as i go~!

 i'm off to uni next week - a busy busy fifth year but not even close to graduating!! (well, i've got two more years of studyi but i'll get three certificates at the end...)


  1. hi girl ! I love your outfits, all is really cute ^-^

  2. Very cute outfits, you look great.

  3. Never heard of Archie comics?! ohmigosh *^*


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