Friday, 21 June 2013

my big fat haul

I've been terribly spend thrifty of late! I think it's a becoming a small problem. Haha! This is what I've spent my money on during the past two months. I really spoiled myself for my birthday, plus I found some amazing deals on mbok and yahoo auctions, so I thought I shouldn't let a good price go! What do you think about that? Justified?

Firstly, to fulfill my tea loving and drinking, I asked my kind sisters to buy me a pretty teapot and some yummy teas from the popular shop t2. It took some weeks for the blue 'wonderland' teapot to be restocked, so I had to be quite patient. My sister took me in store to pick the teas I wanted. I chose some of the sweetest ones: Honey vanilla, Vanilla slice and Black rose. (rosy, vanillary, sweet aromas are my favourite!)

As a present for myself, I found some brand new beautiful teacups! The first is the famous 'Lady Carlyle' from the Royal Albert range. Now I can match with my sister, and we can have cute fancy tea parties together, heehee~

Secondly, I bought this 'Yellow Butterfly' teacup from Wedgwood. It came in such a pretty box as well! I love the chinoiserie motif, and the cute colours! I bought some earl grey tea leaves from Wedgwood too! Earl grey is definitely my favourite tea blend, so I'm looking forward to trying this in my new teacup!

With a recent eye test, came new prescription, and thus, new frames!! I had seen this pair of Bvlgari frames for a long, long time. So I was so glad to finally have them fixed up with the correct lenses for me. I'm still trying to get used to them, but I love wearing them all the time!

 Onto lolita purchases!! I found both these dresses for a very good price on mbok. I couldn't believe I spent about half the original price on Alice and the Pirate's Porz Kerchief on the left! It's a dress I really loved when it was released, and I managed to find it in my preferred colour~! On the right is Vintage Market by Emily Temple Cute. Given the condition and price, it was practically a steal!

Since I don't post as regularly (and because I'm just super, super excited), here are a few more items that I'm waiting for in the mail:

Emily Temple Cute's Cutlery and Donuts onepiece in sax
Emily Temple Cute's Cutlery and Biscuits skirt in white
Emily Temple Cute's Un Deux Trois cutsew dress in navy
Baby the Stars Shine Bright's blouse in brown
Baby the Stars Shine Bright's mini crown in gold
Angelic Pretty's Toy March beret in green
Juju jelly slipper shoes in gold and dark silver

Time to stop? Yes, I think so too. I might need to have a 'no spending' month soon. What are some tips on saving money?


  1. I would have to say every thing in your haul is beautiful,but what I really love is your Royal Albert china. Royal Albert just makes some the most beautiful china patterns ever.

    1. aw, thankss!! ah yes, the patterns are always beautifully classic! i'm hoping to continue collecting them~!!

  2. Oh my those teacups are so pretty!
    Aww that BTSSB crown is too cute. I wonder if it stays on your head well.

    1. from the pictures on the website, i think there is a ribbon to tie around your head. but... i don't know if it'll stay if the crown is heavyy. i'll let you know when it comes! <3

  3. Eee, those teacups!~ Love the dresses, and the brown wig is so nice. ^__^

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