Thursday, 18 July 2013

european memories (part ii)

The next part of this series, is all about my one true love - Paris, France. The romantic capital city and home to world famous chocolate, pastries and of course, my favourite: macarons. I won't be able to cover Paris in just one post. Watch out for more if you're interested!~ Here are photos from some of the touristy tourist attractions I visited. I stopped by Paris about 6 times in total, usually spending at least a day, or a few nights to get as much exploring as I could.

 The famous Louvre museum. We managed to explore almost the entire place, with plenty of stopping and resting! It's a magnificently large museum, filled with the most famous works of art. Not to mention, the ceilings themselves are a wonder!~

 The Eiffel Tower required 2 visits! Both were at night so we could see the city's lights twinkling below us. It was so, so cold in late autumn, but the views are absolutely stunning. So very Parisian! I even found some very beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower from the top of the Arc de Triomphe too. After the long climb up, the view is definitely worth it!

 Galerie Lafayette is perfect for (window) shopping, drooling over 800euro fur coats and being dazzled by the stained glass dome above. All the pretty lights.

More museum days! This is the Centre Pompidou, home to modern art! Known better as the inside-out building, I didn't think it was as pretty as the Louvre, but still an iconic must-see museum in Paris!

 A hike to the Cimeterie Pere Lachaise had to be a super quick one as we arrived 10 minutes before closing. Unfortunately we weren't able to find Chopin or Oscar Wilde's graves before being ushered out.

 A must-see for any lolitas! Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty in Paris! They are close together, within walking distance, and I was glad to buy myself a souvenir usakumya! Too bad Angelic Pretty was closed, but I did get to go again! I bought some Royal Chocolate socks from there!

 This is where I first glimpsed the Eiffel Tower! From Place de la Concorde~ We were on our way to find Laduree, among other things, and hello, hello!!

 DISNEYLAND! I was actually a little disappointed (and actually suffering from a cold when I went). I didn't get to stay so long to see the fireworks, but the main attraction (the castle, haha!) was lovely!!~


And lastly, REAL life castle! The Palace of Versailles. The most beautiful place I've ever been and ever will visit, I think. I had to go twice because you simply can't see everything in just one visit! My favourites? Definitely the gallery of mirrors and the queen's room. Such delicate and intricate details, I want to decorate my room like so! Haha~!

Pheww! That was longg, next up, more PARIS memories!

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