Saturday, 30 April 2011

oh photoshop, you didn't just

yes... how unfortunate of me! it always seems to be
a problem of mine to forget saving my work.
just when i was almost finished with
my solar heat gain calculations, all my precious work
deleted! do i really have to start over? whatever happened
to autosave! well, i guess i won't be leaving
my desk for a while...

oh look what i found instead! i know i should
be making up for loss time and work, but
i recently fashioned up another outfit with my
lovely metamorphose nostalgic chess skirt in blue.
what do you think? a little more casual style, right?

outfit post # 37: Red Knight
- skirt from metamorphose
- red jacket from zipia
- black blouse offbrand
- black enineer boots from zipia
- pocketwatch from diva

the red jacket is awfully warm though,
so i will have to wait for a cooler day to wear
this out. luckily, the warmer days are numbered!
look at all the leaves on the ground, a sure sign
that autumn is well under way, that means winter
is coming too! here's one happy thing today~

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