Sunday, 24 April 2011

pitter patter

after a brief light shower, the rest of the day was perfect
for a day in the park with plenty of frills and lace and colour.
lolita meets are so much fun! as each lolita arrived, it's such a
game to guess what print or brand they are wearing.
even non-brands make really cute prints too!
cute coordinates, from sweet to classical, even the
rare aristocrat! cute right? ~


there were yummy homemade chocolate cupcakes too
aren't they adorably decorated? look closely, 
can you see the BABY and ANGELIC PRETTY ones? 
lucky me i chose the BABY one~ 
so cute, i almost don't want to eat it. almost.

oh! and isn't this cute! and isn't this a funny face?
it's my adorable sister la petite princesse again,
in our matching outfits too. the new METAMORPHOSE
tales of the wood skirt and jumperskirt. aren't the colours
adorably bright? we decided to go less sweet and a little
more country style~ let's do this again soon!

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