Wednesday, 18 May 2011

you make me smile

after craving macarons on my birthday and
failing to obtain them,  my lovely friends bought me
a cute box full of the round little sugar filled delicious sweets.
we found a snug cafe to share them over some
very aromatic coffee and tea.
the quince sencha smells so good!

oh, this wasn't all! the following monday i was met with
another box of these yummy macarons.
luckily they were there to help me eat then,
otherwise i might have found myself with
a mouth full of cavities!

here are some of the gifts i was lucky to receive.
a pretty little bottle of the new daisy fragrance
by marc jacobs, and a deep blue neck scarf
all the way from rome! it has the loveliest illustrations
of well known roman buildings on it!
it's good to be surrounded by good friends,
and sweet macarons, don't you think?

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