Sunday, 18 September 2011

on a windy spring day

the pollen from the flowers blow into my eyes.
it was the first warm day we've seen for a while
so it was a little difficult to find an outfit to be
comfortable in. especially when it involves lolita~

unsurprisingly, i fall back onto my first piece of lolita
metamorphose's surprise party never let's me down!
co-ordinating with a touch of brown, i was so excited to
use my new angelic pretty melty chocolate bag.
it matches the sweet theme to a tea~!

outfit post #47: Sweet Tooth 
- candy stripe top from offbrand
- surprise party skirt from metamorphose
- brown cardigan from offbrand
- white lace socks from offbrand
- brown tea party shoes from secret shop
- melty chocolate bag from angelic pretty
- yellow tulle bow from handmade

this is my sweet sister in emily temple cute!
she's always looking super adorable. look
how nice her hair is? coupled with the straw hat and
cute red sandals for a simple summer look
was perfect for the sudden warm weather.

so what were we up to dressed so colourfully?
a quiet day out with friends and macarons, of course!
yummy! apart from chocolate (purple) and nutella (blue),
we also tried rose (pink), salted caramel (the big brown one)
and very very delicious dark choc raspberry (dark purple)
the latter is now my absolute favourite!


  1. Is that the melty chocolate bag? It's adorable!

    can't believe I missed out on the re-release so close to my birthday too ; w;
    it looks adorable with that skirt~

  3. Both you and Kairii look lovely! What beautiful outfits you both put together, they look perfect for warmer weather. May I ask where you found the cute lacey socks? They must be a lot cooler to wear than OTKs!

  4. thankyou girls!
    the bag is so dreamy, i love it
    and am so happy to have bought it~!
    um, the socks i bought a long while
    ago, i hardly wear them, becuase i
    hardly wear lolita in summer~
    but, they definitely are super
    comfortable in the heat. i'm sure
    you can pick them up anywhere, really!~ :)


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