Saturday, 22 October 2011

because this season

polka dots are in!~ do you like the change to my

blog background? i wanted to keep the pretty colour
scheme, so the change is not too dramatic, right?

another pink item? oh dear me! but, this is the cute
angelic pretty milky of the fawn dot applique skirt
that i purchased recently from another lolita friend~
it's super adorable, and in brilliant condition
the adorable bambi applique itself is perfectly soft and
clean! thankyou so much to hologramworld~!

this is a quick and simply co-ordinate i decided to put
together for tomorrow's japanese event that my sister
and i are volunteering at! it's really too warm to wear
too much these days, even though there's another month
before summer arrives.

outfit post #49: pink polka dots
- white blouse from offbrand
- milky of the fawn skirt from angelic pretty
(with removal bow brooch)
- white lace socks from offbrand
- pannier from bodyline
(with additional tulle)
- bloomers from innocent world

just a quick edit~ this is what my hair
ended up looking for today! my sister helped
me with the buns so they looked very poofy and
with enough hair spray, they stayed like this all day!
i think it's such a cute style, even though it was epicly
difficult to untangle. what a mess!~

1 comment:

  1. Really cute co-ord! Pink suits you well, you shouldn't be concerned about getting more of it in your wardrobe :b

    The weather has been crazy lately! Warm one day then cold the next :c


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