Monday, 2 January 2012


because, call me sentimental, it's too sad
to see my christmas post being deleted.
i really like christmas...

happy late christmas everyone~

the cute tree growing in the face shop
which is located in the arcade in town.
i really like this, and it makes me think to
have trees growing in my house when i grow up...


  1. I looove Christmas too !! this is definetely my favorite time of the year ! 12 months to go until next Christmas !!! :'(

  2. je viens de voir ton commmentaire sur mon blog !!! tu parles vraiment bien français !! hihi moi aussi je dois économiser cette année, mais j'y arrive jamais, je trouve toujours des nouvelles choses à m'acheter ! Et souvent des choses dont je n'ai pas besoin ! Nous les filles, on est toutes pareilles lol !

  3. exactement! les filles toujours veulent ce qu'elles ne doivent pas~ XD et comme vous, j'ai un nouveau 'wishlist' cette annee et il est seulement janvier~~

    i'm so glad you think my french is good. however, the biggest problem is speaking fluently enough to hold a proper conversation. i always get nervous or lost for words XD

  4. don't worry, I think you will get fluent very quickly, I have a few friends from South America and they speak French perfectly now ! You don't have to be nervous, people will always understand you, even if you make a few mistakes ;)


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