Monday, 16 April 2012

the night continues, deer me!

i had another event i'd been planning an outfit for a long time~ my friend had secretly told me the theme of his 21st birthday party, and ever since i had been preparing my outfit. it was an animal theme, and i decided to go as a deer. because they are so cute and forest-like and i've always wanted to make a set of antlers. perfect reasons, right?

i decided on a mori style outfit with some handmade hair accessories. although i did attempt to look for fawn fur patterns everywhere i didn't manage to get anything on time. and once again i had to take the photos when i got home. late into the night. my older sister who was just reading in bed, helped me take some photos while experiementing and learning how to use our dslr camera. it seems only one person knows how to use it so far...

outfit post #75: doe, a deer
- gold antlers handmade
- flower wreath handmade
- faux fur collar with yellow ribbon
- light brown chiffon peterpan collar blouse
- brown apron onepiece from mbok
- beige tulle underskirt
- light brown tights
- brown teaparties from secret shop

aand, here's the best macro shot we managed of the eye makeup. please excuse the lashes that are falling off, they were stuck on for the entire day. here's the rundown of what i used for the eyes...

makup shot #1
- blacktrack gel eyeliner from mac
- top eyelashes from dollywink and offbrand
- bottom eyelashes from dollywink
- dark brown shadow from lancome
- another dark brown from love to love palette from mac
- tan brown from love to love palette from mac
- beige from love to love palette from mac
- white eyeliner


  1. Oh my goodness, I love it! You did the spots with white eyeliner?? Beautiful!!

    1. thankyouu! i used a cheap white eyeliner stick and drew in the dots. it take a little work to get them a good white over the brown eyeshadow :)

  2. Replies
    1. thankyou kathy! i think it was successful enough~~ :3


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