Sunday, 27 May 2012

chocolate, cream and roses

 today, my sister and i headed to our dear friend thaleia's house to celebrate her birthday (lot's of celebrations this weekend~) when we arrived, she had prepared the daintiest afternoon tea party complete with jars of sweets, fairy lights, cakes and tea!

she'd put so much effort into everything! from dyed pink doilies to sugar cubes, to matching tea sets and even making little name placement cards! isn't it adorable?

as a fan of tea, i tried both the french earl grey and the peach black tea that she offered. they both smelt beautifully and tasted delicious! i don't know which i prefer more! i love the spoon and fork too by the way~

thaleia made all the food herself too! this mini cake covered in butter cream icing and pink sugar was cut open to reveal the layers of shades of pink! isn't that clever? the little brown thing poking it's head in the picture is the rich hazelnut double chocolate cake. i don't even need to explain how delicious this was. i think the look of chocolate dripping down the side of the cake says enough...

 after we'd all filled ourselves with delicious cake and tea, we headed into her room adorned with hundreds of drawings by her and her friends. they are all really talented, inspiring girls!! thaleia had organised these cute pink speech bubbles and moutache cutouts for some photo fun times!! here's my sister in guy fawkes style facial hair holding a 'i believe in sherlock' bubble with sweet thaleia~


i couldn't resist taking a quick mirror snap of my little moustache and the 'bonjour' speech bubble! i think they go well with my new beret, non? (all i need is a baguette now~) it was very difficult trying to stick the moustache on for some reason! after several attempts (including eyelash glue and a lot of sticky tape) i managed to get it stuck~

 i love this photo with my sister and the very pretty lauren! we're all twinning in moustaches and glasses! we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly~ we even skyped thaleia's best friend who's in japan at the moment, and she joined in all the fun too while having her own cakes and tea!!

 i wore my chocolierre jumperskirt from baby the stars shine bright, which seemed to fit the theme of chocolate, cream and roses~

outfit post #82:
- fancy box beret from angelic pretty
- peter pan collar blouse from baby the stars shine bright
- chocolate fantasy jsk from baby the stars shine bright
- pink cardigan (not pictured)
- brown tights
- brown tea parties from secretshop
- pink royal chocolate bag from angelic pretty (not pictured)

my phone now wears the moustache loud and proudly~ this weekend has been so full of lolita fun for me, i'm ready for a sleep in and two more days of weekend!! (i love having mondays and tuesdays off university!)


  1. You have very interesting blog! I like it.
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    smile from J. :)

  2. Omgosh, her tea party looked amazing, she put so much effort/love into it. o: Super cute! Especially that gradient cake!

    1. it was terribly cute of her! the photo props was most fun~~

  3. Too much yummy food, I'm starving now ;-)
    Yu guys look adorable, love the pictures !!

    1. heehee! her cookies were so amazing, i still think about them now... XD

      thank you!!


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