Tuesday, 22 May 2012

crafty days

 over the weekend, i went to my friend's house for a day of crafting. or rather a day of tea and scones in front of a sewing machine. we didn't manage to make anything substantial but we sure had a good time talking about our craft projects, new prints from baby the stars shine bright, recent purchases and the quality of those yummy scones! we successfully finished one barrette (like the sugary carnival one pictured) out of some pink candy treat fabric she managed to find online. it looked super cute!

after missing out on the reservation of alice and the pirate's treasure in the mystic island print, my friend decided to buy the very cute shy bear pouch and pony bag from angelic pretty. aren't they adorable? shy bear is having a lovely pony ride!~

we spent a lot of time wondering why the sewing machine wasn't working and drinking tea. i tried an apple tea which was really nicely scented and tasted very sweet! she'd picked up many sets of lolita teacups and saucers on her most recent trip to japan. they are so cute! this metamorphose one makes a cute heart shape~

 on the topic of crafting, i did make this gothic lolita inspired deer/rose brooch out of some left over materials from other craft projects. the day after i photographed this, i shortened the longer lace at the bottom and i think it looks nicer now~ what do you think of it? i wonder what i'll wear it with... 


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