Monday, 14 May 2012

do you like cheese?

i must admit i'm not a huuge fan of cheese in general. i don't care much for the different tastes or smells. but, i do love cheese in cake! two years ago, my friends, knowing my love for cheesecakes, bought me this cookbook. and i decided to make myself a yummy cheesecake brownie cake for my birthday this year. (it was a passionfruit cheesecake last year~)

 i might not be able to cook anything savoury, but the sweet smell of sugar and chocolate is very encouraging~ cheesecakes, not only taste delicious, are usually very easy to make. normally i stick to non-bake cheesecakes where the chances of me burning things are, well, zero. but today, i thought i should try familiarising myself with the oven.

this is the chocolate brownie half going into the oven. it smelt so yummy! if i didn't make this right after breakfast, i think i would have eaten it before it was finished!

and this is the cheesecake half after i took it out of the oven. it's a little burnt and it looks like a huge creme brulee! i was too busy replying to the annual mass of birthday messages on facebook that i forgot to keep an eye on the cake. oops!

apart from it's terrible appearance, the cake was well enjoyed by my family and they were all keen for seconds. success? i think so. and a couple of macarons just to top of a sugar filled day. yum!!


  1. :D Yum it looks super delicious, and huge! I hate cheese but love cheesecake too. Somehow CAKE can make everything better.

    1. HAHA! i have to agree, any cake is delicious! XD


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