Thursday, 28 June 2012

flowers are for spring

how good it feels to have finally finished all my exams! it's funny to think that half a year of work is judged by the 3 hours i spend, head down furiously writing in a room with a hundred other people. now i've got plenty of time for myself, and it's time to get arty and crafty~ i'll be taking a small corner of my friend's table at the upcoming anime convention and hopefully it won't be bare...

here's a project i worked on a couple of months ago... i couldn't resist buying all the pretty roses i could find. these are made really thin foam (i think!) and feel really soft and velvety. i decided to make some floral head wear for myself with these delicate flowers.

in the end, i got carried away and made five of these red and pink ones and three with the peach and lilac coloured roses. my sister loved them so much she took one of each and we used one as a gift for the moripop tea party event in april~ i took the last four wreaths to the recent local swap meet, and they were bought even before everyone had arrived!! i was so surprised, so now i'll be scouting out for some more flowers, maybe i'll use peonies or daisies~


  1. Hihi I will post photos after July 10th, I think. So you will see the outfits ;)
    It's cool not to have to work now! As you, I "get arty and crafty" ^^!
    Where did you find those beautiful flowers *o*?

    1. hello~ i bought the flowers from a local art and craft store. but i can't find them again :( must search harder~ i can't wait to see your outfits~~ xx

  2. Those are stunning, i'd wear them too :D

  3. I love those DIY headbands you made, so pretty and whimsical.

  4. Wow those are amazing. You're so crafty. ^^


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