Saturday, 30 June 2012

how to celebrate

my cute friend lauren bought these high tea vouchers to celebrate my sister's birthday (april) and mine (may) together and we only had a chance to use them today. we caught the tram together to the lady daly. it was a very pub-esque place when we walked in, but around the corner, was a neat and simple area where the high tea was served. the best part were different profiterole flavours~ from irish cream to almond and even turkish delight!

with unlimited champagne and tea, we'd finished eating and enjoyed sipping on hot tea while flicking through the newest gothic lolita bible and kera magazine that our friend brought. there are so many lovely dresses i have my eyes on but i'll be good and keep my eyes and pockets shut this time.

i also bought my favourite model's stylebook which came in with my friend's magazine and book order. as soon as i saw midori fukasawa was releasing her stylebook, i couldn't wait to get it~ she's a cute little model who often models for baby the star shine bright. i can't believe she'll be at the paris baby tea party that i'll miss. if only i would be in paris a month earlier~

outfit post #85:
- fancy bow beret from angelic pretty
- umbrella print from emily temple cute
- royal chocolate bag from angelic pretty
- sheer lavender tights
(i also wore white lace ankle socks and brown teaparties, and a cardigan~ it's warmer inside though!)


  1. Oh the pastries are adorable. xD I love your beret too! When are you departing for france again?

    1. i'll be in france late august until early february :3 i'll definitely need to catch up with you before i go though! xx

  2. You look adorable, i've been getting more and more into mint dresses, i really like that color at the moment. I am also planning on getting that book soon, will you get the btssb one too?
    Kisses from Portugal

    1. ah yes! i really want the baby one and the misako one too. but, maybe a little later :D mint is a beautiful colour~~ xx


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