Monday, 30 July 2012

avcon (part I)

it's that time of year again: our very own anime and video game convention~ like the previous years, i volunteered to be part of the maids cafe and i also joined up with two friends on a table down the artist alley to sell some cute goodies. the first day is really just boring set up, but our neighbouring table mate and kind friend thaleia sweetened the day by making caramel and white chocolate cake pops! yummy~

for lunch, we went to the korean dumpling restaurant nearby. i ordered my favourite fried pork dumplings and everyone (except thali who doesn't like pork) loved them! they really are delicious~ we also had some kimchi ones which were a tiny bit too spicy for me, so i stuck to the pork and chicken dumplings.

i decided to wear a simple otome style outfit which was casual and easy to move it so i could help set up without a huge pannier in the way or too many accessories falling~ i tried to add a touch of lavender but it didn't work so i changed the hairbow and necklace to pink instead.

outfit post #88:
- pink headbow: taobao
- polka dot black chiffon blouse: korea
- logo and ribbon nop: emily temple cute
- mustard cardigan: taobao
- bow necklace: handmade
- royal chocolate bag: angelic pretty
- tan pointed loafers: korea

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