Thursday, 26 July 2012


closetchild will be the death of me. i had these items held for me for a month to get my savings up to afford this. it was so exciting when it finally arrived~ i was lucky enough to sell off some of my other dresses to afford these. i needed a little change, so i tell myself. i bought the very sweet wrapping macaron dress from emily temple cute. the colours are perfectly bright and colourful and the material is very soft but a little bit thin. it'll be great for spring and summer though. i saw the french cafe skirt for a very good price and coudn't resist it's adorable biscuits and cutlery. there's a very cute egg on it too! but the skirt is quite short (it is a mini skirt after all~) so i'm sure i'll be able to whip up something semi-casual. there's a pink blouse with detachable sleeves from angelic pretty too back there~

i also made a mini taobao order to get some craft supplies and and the incredibly plush kigurumi. a few friends decided to join the order and we ended up with a huuuge box of goodies weighing over 7kg! here's my haul: a korilakkuma kigu, some hair ribbon clips, two pair of tights, a reddish brown wig and a few cardigans.

i added four cardigans to my collection and look at the colourful stack now! i just need some purple and orange ones and i'll have a complete rainbow~ i wanted a brighter red cardigan, but it ended up being slightly orange which doesn't match my lolita wardrobe much, but i'm sure to find a way to coordinate it casually too~

lastly! a casual pop lolita outfit with my spanking new pink dotted converses. my poor purple double tongued ones got a beating from the mud at cleland (they'd lasted me 4 years!) so i felt it was time to get a new pair. 

outfit post #87:
- printed tshirt: purr
- dark grey cardigan: valleygirl
- milky of the fawn dot applique skirt: angelic pretty
- black tights
- pink spotted converses: converse all stars
- pink royal chocolate bag: angelic pretty
- accessories: handmade, sparklepeach, chocomint, colette

avcon starts tomorrow~~ i'm so excited but i still haven't organised my outfits yet! i'll be working at the maid's cafe like the last three years, but this year i'll be a head maid too~ i hope i can handle the responsibilities...

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