Monday, 16 July 2012

yum cha

yum cha literally means 'drink tea' in chinese and i equate it to the chinese version of high tea. small serves of delicious foods taken with chinese tea. my sister and brother and i tookour the neighbours (who are also friends of my sister) to experience yum cha. it was so busy on the sunday it was lucky we made a reservation earlier!

the local anime and game convention is on in two weeks and i'll be having a stall along artist alley. off i go making more garlands~ they seem to be well loved which makes me super happy~ as well as crafting, i'd really like to start commissioning sketches and lolita drawings too. how i wish i had better photoshop skills...


  1. I missed the Yum Cha!! Noooooo~ I lovvveee Yum Chaa~ ;^;

    1. well, we can always go again! i won't complain XDD


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