Sunday, 5 August 2012

lolita can be for anyone

we held a very lovely introductory and interactive presentation about lolita fashion to help all the new lolitas find out more about the fashion and how they can buy things online as well as inspiring girls to coordinate beyond the lolita boundaries. i helped out with the introductions and style showcase which was so much fun! i wore a very pop style sweet lolita with all my newest sparkle peach goodies.

outfit post #91:
- hair bows: handmade, offbrand
- pink blouse: angelic pretty
- candy star rabbit op: metamorphose
- sheer lavender tights
- lace trimmed ankle socks
- pink spotty converses: converse all stars
- accessories: sparkle peach, chocomint, handmade

we held a huge raffle too with seven prizes to be won. they were all full of goodies donated by willing local girls. i even chipped in a few moripop bows and brooches~ lot's of new girls won these prizes, so i can't wait to see how they wear their new goodies. we had talks about styles, makeup, coordination and helpful tips on buying online. i sure hope this will mean more girls will wear lolita here~~
ps. paris in 18 days, the count down has begun...


  1. Thank you so much for helping out with this event :D Love your outfit and your bun hairstyle ^^ And thanks for taking a photo of the raffle prizes, I was so busy I wasn't able to take photos of anything xD

    1. not a problem! i had lots of fun myself tooo :3

  2. Merci beaucoup~

    You're really cute in this Meta dress! And it's a good idea to help the new Lolita with this kind of event, I wish we were able to do it here in France, so it would be easier for everybody..

  3. LolitaS* (more we are, funnier it is 8D)

  4. ahhh cool ><! (kylie, hello past-tutor xD)


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