Thursday, 25 October 2012

lolita blog carnival: my style outside lolita

this week's topic for the lolita blog carnival is: your (fashion) style outside lolita. if you're also an avid lolita blogger, i really do recommend joining the carnival's facebook group and participate in sharing your thoughts on lolita~ i thought i'd show some non-lolita daily outfits along with my thoughts on fashion beyond lolita.

is otome style separate from lolita style? my sister has always been a fan of emily temple cute and i fell in love with this brand too (it must have some how rubbed off on me~) it's easy to wear otome more often than lolita while sharing some elements of the style. admittedly, i don't wear this on a daily basis, but it's a slightly more toned down than lolita style and i think it's the only style outside lolita that i can put a name to!

outfits from spring/summer 2011: for lazy picnics days in the sun

other than otome, i don't really have one single style that i stick to outside of lolita fashion. i love clothes in general, and i really like to experiment with different looks and also try to maximise the use of my clothes by coordinating them differently. one thing is true: i don't like wearing the exact same outfit more than once. i think a piece of clothing is worth the money if i can wear it several ways. value of an item = price per number of wears. i always ask myself while shopping (online and in real shops): "how can i coordinate this item with my current wardrobe?" example: simply changing the top and accessories can change the style from a girly floral outfit to a more vintage look~

 outfits from spring/ summer 2011: for dinners and karaoke nights

the other question i ask myself while shopping is "can i coordinate this in lolita outfit?" i also tend to regard my wardrobe as a whole, whereas many other lolitas might keep their lolita wardrobe separate from their 'normal' clothes. (literally and figuratively) personally, my lolita items are well integrated with the rest of my clothes. i will often wear 'non lolita' items with lolita and 'lolita' items in my daily casual wear. most notable examples include: accessories, shoes, bags, socks, blouses, cardigans, outerwear. example: metamorphose socks and handmade sweet accessories adds character to a cute t shirt and shorts outfit and my delicious melty chocolate bag by angelic pretty to sweeten a colourful christmas outfit.


autumn/ winter 2012: cold days spent studying at university

you might also notice i don't like to wear pants (also known as trousers). i do own a few pairs of jeans, but i much prefer short skirts and shorts. i'm not very tall, and i feel even shorter when i wear longer skirts. because of this, i think tights are the most comfortable piece of clothing ever.

summer 2012: paris and poitiers days

when i packed my luggage for my exchange, i couldn't decide what to bring or leave behind. i worried about wearing the same old boring things, but i also only had 23kg total luggage allowance. i also tried to make sure all the clothes could match each other so i could coordinate with the same items in a different outfit. i chose a few base colours (navy, black, brown) and a few colours that would match these base colours (red, green, yellow). nevertheless i still have days when i think to myself: "i want to wear this today," but realise it's back home in australia :(

in my opinion, the most important part of fashion is to add a personal touch to an outfit. even if the outfit is super simple like above, adding a small detail like a cute pastel bowtie can set it apart from what others are wearing, making your coordinate special to you. and that way, you can express your personality or your feelings through your clothes!~

i hope you enjoyed reading a little (i mean, a lot!) about how i feel about fashion and coordinating on a daily basis. i'm sorry my outfits are not super creative or original~ here's a list of the participants of this week's lolita blog carnival topic:



  1. You are amazing at co-ordinating! You have great style!

    1. thanks so much!! i hope you're having a brilliant time in japan~ :)

  2. I really like your style, its pretty much what i expect from someone who wears lolita actually, just cute girly casual style. I wish i could pull that look off but i kinda can't. :P
    Thanks for sharing!


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