Monday, 5 November 2012

at the summit (part II)

 the second day in paris, we decided to visit the musée rodin. auguste rodin is most well known for his sculpture 'the thinker' and the exhibition of his works was truly amazing. the 'gates of hell' was beautifully detailed and incorporated many of his works together. you really could stand there for a while just staring in awe.

inside the lovely building (that used to be a hotel, i think!) were further displays of rodin's work in progresses as well as the works of his circle of friends. the interior of the hotel was truly amazing too!


we started the tradition of taking selfies at versailles, and thought we'd continue it! this was taken in the hotel at the musée rodin. the mirrors aren't in the best condition so the photo turned out quite blurry and unclear. oh well!!

we enjoyed a lovely warm lunch in the japanese quarter of paris located in the first arrondissement. this small restaurant was packed when we arrived and we had to wait outside to be seated. a very kind ojii-san who had been waiting in line before us, let us take the next available table first! i ordered a bowl of ramen and some delicious inari while my friend indulged in a bowl of soba noodles and a salmon onigiri. the noodles tasted really good!! i still think about it now...

after lunch we explored the japanese district a little, before returning to the river side to take a look at the book stands by the seine. my friend ended up buying two books just before the book stands closed for the day. it had started to rain again, so we decided to head back to the hotel for a quick nap before heading to the eiffel tower.

the first time i was in paris, the eiffel tower summit was closed since the weather was still warm then, and many tourists were keen to climb to the top. this time, we still had to wait in line for almost an hour, but at least we got tickets to the top! it was freezing up there!! but the sights were spectacular! paris is surely the city of lights~ 

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