Monday, 24 December 2012

this christmas

sadly, i'll be spending christmas alone this year! since my family left a lot of planning and organising until the last minute, i wasn't able to get afforable tickets to meet them in switzerland for christmas. on the bright side, i'll be spending christmas with my best friend, travel buddy, partner in crime and 'twin brother' here in our cosy student accommodation. with most of the other students gone for the holidays, it's very quiet here, and we'll surely have the kitchen to ourselves. we've already decided on a christmas feast between the two of us! with any luck, i'll be seeing my family in paris before they return back to australia~ how are you spending your christmas, this year? with family and good friends?

speaking of good friends, one of my lovely friends i met in first year architecture sent me a little present to cheer me up during the exam season (which is not over for me until the 10th january 2013). she even included some cute tomato flavour candy from japan, which has a very unusual flavour. i was so happy to hear from her and her adventures in bali and graduating from architecture!~

 how did you survive the end of the world on friday? after my exam in the morning, i spent the rest of the day hibernating for a big apocalypse party organised by the law student society at poitiers. i didn't spend too long in the noisy bar, but we did enjoy a little wind down and saying goodbye to some lovely canadian and english friends we'd met over the semester. it's good to be alive though, right?

 unfortunately, not everyone survived the end of the world. i found these little legs today beside the road.

and the rest of the body a few metres away. i hope everyone has a very merry christmas~ <3 br="br">


  1. The poor doll (>.<)
    I wish you a very nice Christmas too! <3

    1. i thought so too :( her owner had abandoned her!!
      thank you dear, i hope your christmas is filled with warm and happy times too~~ :3

  2. Aww the doll!! Tomato candy sounds..interesting. Is it supposed to be sweet? I'm always too chicken to try these odd flavours XD Your christmas sounds lovely! We'll be heading down to the beach although I really wish I was somewhere cooler - it was 39 degrees yesterday!!

    1. yes, the candy was sweet! tasted a little like tomato juice, but more sugary, if that helps with describing the flavour XD no chance for a white christmas unfortunately, but i hope we'll still have fun. ah, australian christmas = beaches and barbecues XD have a very merry christmas, and remember: slip, slop, slap <3


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