Thursday, 13 December 2012

the hobbit and christmas markets

the hobbit came out at the cinemas today, and since we missed out getting two tickets for the midnight screening, we decided to spend the 12th of the 12th in 3D middle earth. i remember being quite the fan of lord of the rings soi was super excited to see the prequel. and oh, did it deliver! the movie was fantastic! the special 3D effects weren't as engaging, but the movie itself kept my on the edge of my seat, biting my nail wondering what would happen next. and i was so upset it ended so soon. i can't wait for part two!! martin freeman plays such an adorably awkward bilbo, and on a side note: fili and kili are being shipped in my mind~!

outfit post:
green silk ribbon: offbrand
maroon cardigan: h&m
fox scarf: topshop
black skirt: jane marple
over the knee socks: h&m
brown teaparties: secretshop

when we left the cinema we were welcomed by the freezing cold and some lovely christmas markets! we decided to try some vin chaud, which was much better than i thought it'd be, while heading to the bus stop. i think it's making me super sleepy, or that might be because i fell asleep at 4am.

they even had a cute two storey merry-go-round! what i found most entertaining was the segway racing track just the the left of the carrousel! we've been talking about how handy it'd be to have segways everywhere, and there were about 5 or 6 just waiting to be ridden~

 and lastly~ the poitiers christmas tree in the centre of the city. it's smaller than the one we usually have in the centre back home, but i think it was a real pine tree, and the decorations are of course, different. with christmas just around the corner, i'm really looking forward to snow! it must be coming soon~  this afternoon, there was still frost on the grass, and some puddles had frozen over!!


  1. Ohh I can't wait to go see The Hobbit!
    It's so festive where you are! It's pretty~

    1. it is a VERY VERY VERY good film!! i know you'll enjoy it a lot~
      and yes, it'll be my first cold (fingers crosses, white)christmas, so i'm super excited for sure~ <3

  2. You're so lucky to see The Hobbit early, I have to wait until the 26th of December for it to screen in my country. I love carousels, I've never seen a two storey one. It would be cool if segways were more popular and affordable, they would be pretty handy.

    1. are you from australia? me too!! we always get the movies last, it's such a shame :( segways are the bestttt! especially to avoid walking places all the time! so handyy :3


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