Friday, 1 February 2013

it's come to an end

i have the biggest sense of mixed feelings right now! i'll be leaving the short life i've spent in europe and heading home to australia. i've made so many memories and enjoyed my time in france and visiting so many other beautiful countries across europe that leaving feels so sad. i know for sure that i'll be back in europe but for now it feels like the end. but, i'm also really excited to return home again. it's the longest time i've ever spent apart from my family, and away from australia, and i'm so excited to see them all again~

i thought i'd compile a list of 10 things i'll surely miss in europe:
1. belgian waffles and chocolate and fries
2. ladurée macarons, jean paul hévin cakes, aki boulangerie onigiri and red bean bread
3. beautiful old buildings and scenery across europe
4. beautiful, white, soft snow!
5.visiting the baby and angelic pretty boutiques, and h&m and zara too!!
6. living on my own terms and being independent
7. the 'bonheur est dans le thé' tearoom, 'what's up coffee' café in poitiers
8. convenience of visiting another country
9. french pain au chocolat and baguettes, tyrrell's sweet chili flavoured chips
10. the friends i've made on exchange~

and a list of 10 things i'm looking forward to back home:
1. family and friends
2. my mother's delicious cooking, not having to live of the same meal every day!
3. mother's crepes, pancake kitchen, sushi train, bingboy, ajisen ramen, seoul restaurant, bts cupcakes
4. my lolita wardrobe (and all the new things i haven't worn!)
5. the beautiful lolita girls in the local community
6. my comfortable, warm bed and my spacious bathroom!
7. studying in english, recorded lectures with powerpoint presentations, open book exams~
8. a little bit of warm sun!
9. having picnics, high tea, karaoke, shopping~
10. living in an area larger than 9m²


  1. loving your photography :)

    i'm now following you! ~

    1. thank you so much for the follow! i hope to write more this year (although i've been a litle quiet these past weeks!) <3

  2. I hope you enjoyed the time in europe! I really loved your photos and yout style in general, so I'd nominated you for the "Liebster Award":

    1. gosh, i don't know what to say, that's so so so kind of youu! thankyou so much, dear~ i really had a fantastic time in europe, and i'm looking forward to another trip~ xx


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