Monday, 18 February 2013

lolita valentine's meet

taken by christine's camera!
 i've officially been home for 12 days and as much as i love being home among familiar faces, the extremely hot australian summer is killing me! how i could have some snow right now... our local lolita community decided to celebrate a lovely valentine's day meet and even though it was around 39C, a large number of girls turned up to the meet with little gifts for the gift exchange! it was held at a tearoom called saldechins and it's actually where i went for my first lolita meet back in 2008!

taken by sweet christine
i didn't take a photo of my valentine's day outfit, but luckily, the kind organiser, christine made sure everyone got a photo of their outfit by being the photographer of the day! thanks to christine, this is the first lolita outfit of mine this year~! a super romantic valentine's day outfit for a hot summer's day.

outfit post:
red and pink roses wreath: handmade by me
(and yup, i made the wreath bridget is wearing too in the group photo! i think nana might have remade her's from me, or she made one herself! i don't really knoww)
lace blouse: offbrand
brown ribbon: from a baby the stars shine bright dress
l'oiseau bleu skirt brown: baby the stars shine bright
lace socks: offbrand
brown tea party shoes: secret shop

my sister and i met up with another friend for some delicious sushi train before the meet. i tried their signature green tea cola drink which was so refreshing and yummy on a hot day. i also welcomed the taste of inari and my favourite sushi, dragon roll, which has cucumber, cream cheese and eel! yum~

taken by sweet christine
at the meet, i spent the longest time chatting to an old lolita friend who had been on a uni exchange to hong kong for the same semester. she'd recently returned home too! we exchanged stories, likes and dislikes about the places we visited as well as our next travel destinations. before we knew it, it was time for the secret valentines gift exchange. unfortunately, one of the girls didn't make it to the event, and she happened to be receiving my gift. so after a little shuffle, my gift ended up going to another girl. i hope she'll still appreciate the little gift i got.
i felt so so so lucky because i received the most thoughtful gift from the lovely faced local lolita! emma made me a cute melty chocolate beret that i eyed in one of her photos. it's the loveliest, and i can't wait to wear it with my chocolate pieces~! in fact, it felt a lot like christmas since i also received the emily temple cute chocolate ribbon socks i'd won a few months ago, a cute sentimental circus notebook and cute bear tabs from a friend lindzi, who visited japan recently (but now she's moved to melbourne, so i can't see her so often), and some lovely handmade sweet style accessories from lauren, my good friend who specialises in making delicious lolita accessories. all in all, i went home with a lovely little loot!

and yup! purikura machines have the best lighting for photos! XD we finished with taking some photos together before heading home. it was so much fun attending a meet with all the familiar friendly girls from the community! it sure has grown quickly over the last years~ i'm looking forward to the next meet already~!


  1. Wow, wearing Lolita in such a hot area must be tough D:
    I'm german and nearly melt in my Lolita when we have 25°C xD
    Anyways you all look great!! ^^

    1. it really is! :/ we often break the rules about panniers and blouse because it's not practical at such high temperatures. thank you for the compliment though x

  2. Waaaa You look so gorgeous ♪
    The gifts you received look lovely!
    & those rose wreaths you made....*^* They're perfect...
    I enjoyed this post a lot thanks for sharing! ❤

    1. ahh, thank you so muchh (blushh) i really did feel super spoilt that dayy <3


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