Friday, 1 November 2013

Counting down the days

It's almost the end of 2013, and there are a few things that I'm looking forward to! But perhaps the two most exciting things are: 1, I'll be finishing my last architectural design class - forever! (I'm actually avoiding my last assignment by blogging, haha~) and 2, 24 days until I depart for Germany and the Netherlands :D

As you can imagine, life is getting busy with huge assignments and preparation for my overseas trip. But I did try to enjoy myself a little too! Our lolita community decided to hold a 'Magical Lolita Transformation' day for some new girls who'd perhaps never tried lolita before. So many girls were kind enough to lend some dresses for others to try on. We helped with makeup and hair before taking a snap of their transformation :) I decided I wouldn't transform, and wore my own coordinate: Emily Temple cute's chocolate and ribbon jumperskirt with some Angelic Pretty accessories (beret, socks and bag).

Our community also decided to celebrate a super early Halloween and we held a very spooky little picnic in the Botanical Gardens. It was a super hot day in Spring, so it was hard to dress up. I decided to go for a creepy Snow White zombie. What if she died when she ate the apple, and the 'kiss of life' kept her undead?! I made a nice red ribbon headbow to match my Innocent World's Dward Story Jumperskirt.

The very next day, my sister and I were invited to a community festival celebrating the sisterhood between Salisbury (in Australia) and Mobari (in Japan). I wore a casual lolita outfit with my new bear hoodie and French Cafe by Angelic Pretty. :)

Since receiving my Musee du Chocolat by Angelic Pretty, I was keen to have a twins meet! I knew there were at least two other girls who also bought the print in the community besides my sister and I. And so I hosted a fun twinning meet where we enjoyed yummy burgers and purikura together!

I was so impressed with the Chess Chocolate triplets and Whyteleaf twins! All our dresses matched so well! Chocolate prints, ahoy~ Everyone had such a fun time, and so many passerbys loved our outfits and couldn't resist taking photos of us.

And lastly before I continue with my assignment, I spent a short afternoon enjoying Halloween cupcakes at my favourite cupcakery - BTS. Since it was the last day of teaching at University too, I decided to dress up a little and wore my newest wardrobe addition: Emily Temple cute's Chocolatier Bunny. It's so cute and comfortable. I love the pinkish red~

I hope you all enjoyed a scary Halloween! Next year, I hope to have some time to go trick or treating again, it's so much fun :) My little sister did! She was dressed as a zombie girl in a seifuku. I did her makeup and she looked so scaryyy XD What do you think?

And before I leave, here's a few photos of some super super casual outfit I wore to university that I thought I'd share~ My juju maxi shoes are so comfy and I think they look so cute with funny socks like my America ones on the left. My brother hates them with socks though, haha~ :P


  1. You look amazing in that halloween coordinate, i really like it. I also love Musée, kinda wish i could buy it too, its lovely!

    1. Musee is quite beautiful in real life. The details are gorgeous! <3

  2. Uwaaah your sister was so scary i love the make up you did ! And every single one of your outfits are so pretty, i love them too !

    1. oh thank you so, so much! yes, she was so freaky!! XD


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