Thursday, 30 June 2011

goodbye exams

hello freedom for three weeks! can you believe
we found this very quiet roomn to study in with this view?
the hidden side of the city, it's so very mysterious!
and it's a fun game guessing which rooftop belongs to 
which shop. it's a shame we won't be needing to visit our
secret study room now that exams are over.

usually, i wouldn't dream of dressing up to an exam
but with possible plans to go have high tea celebrations
after exams, i quickly put together a casual lolita outfit.
did you know, lolita skirts are so comfortable without
the pannier? i could almost wear this everyday!
red and blue are nice colours together, right?

outfit post #41: Casual Game of Chess
- red military jumper from offbrand
- fur collar from zipia
- nostalgic chess skirt from metamorphose
- black tights from offbrand
- black brogues from sportsgirl

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