Friday, 8 July 2011


look how busy i've been! bows, bows, and more bows~
and there's no way to get something done without something sweet!

to take my mind off the many packages of lolita goodness
i am patiently waiting for, i've been spending time working on
things to sell at avcon. there's just the postcards to polish up.

it's so exciting to prepare for the convention every year.
this year in particular because my sister and i are setting
up a small stall with some lolita friends.
i hope there will be plenty of custom~

it's terribly difficult waiting for packages to arrive,
but there is only one cause. myself.
even though i promised i wouldn't spend any more money
i've landed myself with another dress set. oh dear!
it's all worth it, right?


  1. If your running the same stall as Kairii, I'm totally going to be there! (Kairii said I could tag along, hope that's ok '^') :D And then I can meet you! And maybe (most likely) buy some things ;D
    And I've got the same thing with packages :< I've got so much stuff I'm waiting for ;___; Nothing huge though - just make-up and stuffff (I'm such a make-up whore) x Freya

  2. :D Your bows look adorable, I can't wait to see what you turn all the pastel squares into. And I see you've eaten the entire pack of timtams already xD Delicious energy foods!

  3. FREYA~ yeshh, indeedy, we've been sweatshopping together. do come along and say hallo !~

    KATHY~ blush! i dodn't even realise how much we'd eaten! they are definitely yummy!


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