Sunday, 5 June 2011

happy international lolita day

yesterday was a sure celebration, although i do wonder
if there are many other countries and cities that
also participated. for such an event, i decided to wear my
candy star rabbit onepiece. it's very special to me!
my first (and only) one piece in such a deep and vivd colour~
isn't the print cute?

outfit post #40: candy star rabbit
- blouse from offbrand
- onepiece from metamorphose
- yellow ribbon tie
- black usamimi from offbrand
- black tights
- back mary jane shoes

although it was the fourth day of winter here, the
weather was so lovely and amiable~
we met a large group of lolitas who were new to the
lolita group here as well as some familar faces! it's always
good to meet new people who share interests!

after a quick lunch, we headed off to the botanic gardens
as usual for photo time! between dicussing our favourite
brands, favourite style and prints, we managed a few
group photos. i hope everyone had a most enjoyable day!

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  1. You look awesome, and what a cute blog you have~ ^-^


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