Sunday, 7 August 2011

there's nothing more delicious

than cake from a cute patisserie!
it's been so long since i've wanted to visit this cute patisserie,
but i've never found the time since it's not in walking distance from uni.

but not to fear! my sisters and i finally made a date to visit and try
the pretty cakes on display here. it was quiet on a saturday afternoon,
which suits me best because i dislike noisy places.

deciding to choose a mix of eastern and western taste,
this chocolate and green tea cake was so divine!
the cake wasn't as sweet as it looked to be
and so very moussy! but this suited me fine~
the green tea flavouris subtle but suits the chocolate too.

don't you like the presentation? it's lovely and clean!
especially after i've cleaned it up, yum~
i'm sure i'll be back here soon!

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