Tuesday, 26 July 2011

last day of good fun

there's nothing better than wearing your sunday best
on sunday, right? baby the stars shine bright chocolierre
jumperskirt! it's so adorable and lots of lolita girls like it.
it makes me happy to know it was a good choice too!

can you believe the other lolita here is a boy?
my friend is so super good at dressing in lolita, this became my
favourite photo of the weekend!~

outfit post #43: Hansel and Gretel
- jumperskirt by baby the stars shine bright
- white blouse
- white tights
- pink cardigan
- brown tea parties by secret shop
- headbow by handmade

what an amazing cosplay, right? my good friends
who are also lolitas dressed up as a set of sailor moon
characters. it's all handmade too! such talent~

and lastly! proof even boys like bows! actually i
sold bows to at least two other boys, but unfortunately
i don't have the photos! i hope they wear them all the time, right?~

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