Monday, 5 December 2011

happy international lolita day

there is no better way to celebrate a happy
event than with a nice group of over excited girls!
the best part is meeting all the new people who
live in the same city and share the same interests~

instead of eating a real lunch, a few of us closer
friends decided to share some cakes! perhaps one of
the best ideas (in my humble opinion) i had all day.
from left to right: strawberry cheesecake, chocolate mud
cake, apple baked cheescake, belgian chocolate mousse
cake and ... (i've forgotten the one with the macaron on top!)
even though we couldn't finish them all, we were able to 
try a nice selection of what was available. yum!

here are some obligatory print and shoe photos that seem
to be taken at almost every lolita meet. they really are quite
some fun. it makes me dream of owning more and more
lolita prints and brands! oh, and shoes! how i need thee~
boots, loafers and brogues are so lovely when
coordinated with lolita! what's your favourite style?


  1. This was such a fun meet! So many lolis :3
    Wasn't the green cake with the macaron apple and pistachio or something?~

  2. Yes, I had so much fun too! Thankyou, yes that was the one, I don't think I ate much of that one, which is why I forgot. Thanks again :)


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