Friday, 2 December 2011

start of the end

aren't these reindeers adorable? they even
light up! it's pretty~!

it's the first week of the last week of the month.
i recently found a little job for the holidays helping
map out the university i attend. it's means i'll be taking
lots and lots of photos (and making a little money for
my lolita habits~)

this is one of my favourite restaurants here.
maybe it's the cute train that attects me, but the food
is also delicious! after about fifteen minutes we were
already satisfied and sitting around waiting to digest
and wish we didn't eat so quickly. yum!

i sure have been eating out too much, don't
you think? sweet warm crispy waffles
with a deliciously large scoop of chocolate icecream,
chocolate dipped strawberries, whipped cream and
a small beaker of hot melted belgium chocolate.
i'm getting hungry thinking about it again...

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