Saturday, 4 February 2012

lolita movie night

there's no better way to watch the very lolita
inspired movie kamikaze girls than with a group
of my favourite lolita friends~here's carrie introducing
the movie to us all...

i decided to wear a more classical lolita look with my one and
only innocent world skirt. matching perfectly are the socks
that my friend received in her innocent world lucky pack
last year. she gave them to me as a gift! thankyou rinrin!!

 outfit post #65: classical chairs
- headbow from innocent world
- short sleved white blouse
- white neck tie
- black waistcoat
- classical chairs skirt blue from innocent world
- socks from innocent world
- bow maryjanes

well, hello there photo bombers~! welcome~
my friend thaleia and i were wearing such similar
outfits which warranted this photo. we match!!
i do love her waistcoat so very much~


  1. I keep meaning to buy Kamikaze Girls to watch! Thanks for reminding me :) And I love your outfit too!

    1. ah thankyou! and i'm glad i helped remind you~ it's quite a funny and enjoyable film. i hope you'll like it~!


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