Saturday, 11 February 2012

sweet girls

only eat sweet foods! it's true~
after all the photos were taken for the day,
the best way to relax was chatting and
laughing in the quiet arcade with cake.
above with the cute star is a caramel cheesecake,
and below was the popular chocolate hazelnut cake.
so thoroughly enjoyable, i could definitely eat another
slice for dinner (maybe.)

outfit post #66: i want the lamby bag now
- little cat bouquet head bow from baby the stars shine bright
- black sleeveless blouse
- buttermilk chiffon necktie
- sheep garden skirt from angelic pretty
- black tights
- black leather brogues

and the almighty photographer, my super sweet and
fashionable sister. even though she decided not to wear
lolita, she was looking stylish as ever! thank you
for your hard work today~

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