Friday, 9 March 2012

hello new bag

while walking casually through the department store,
i managed to pick up the remaining cath kidston box bag.
it had a lovely red tag with a 50% sign, it was glorious.
a decision made under 30 seconds, and a new bag!

the print is called cut roses on white. it's relatively small,
but it's so prefect to carry my belongings to and from uni.
i have another cath kidston book bag for all those heavy
notes and books.

while i was playing around with the puddingcamera,
i also took some photos of my first catch kidston
carry all bag. this candy flower print is so pretty
it brightens up any outfit.

welcome to the family, my new little pretty~


  1. Ohwow! 50% off. *gasp* It's so beautiful.

    1. yes! i know! it was the last cath kidston item in david jones! i was lucky to have bought it! :D


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