Friday, 16 March 2012

the previous day

it began bucketing down with unexpected rain.
even after waiting thirty minutes for it to subside
(which it didn't), i was forced to run to the train station
in the rain to get home. secretly, i found the experience
totally thrilling and wished i could have played in the rain
a little longer~

so, i decided to equip myself with an umbrella only to
find the most mild weather! how temperamental
the weather can be!
my plan this year is to wear more lolita to university,
even if it's more casual, it's always fun to dress up!
wish me luck! and fingers crossed i'll get some good
photos and outfits together!

outfit post #69
- wine coloured cardigan
- black sleeveless blouse
- beige polka dot neck bow
- nostalgic chess skirt from metamorphose
- grey tights
- black leather brogues


  1. I love that you wear lolita to university! Your outfits stand out from the crowd so much. :3 Ohyes! And after I saw you I was gushing about your skirt to Jimmy, who barely understands lolita-nese. xD

    1. heee!! thankyou, i'm trying to make lolita more comfortable~ do you recognise that mirror? XD (ahem, law building... ahem...)

  2. You look very cute, I love your style ^___^


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