Friday, 23 March 2012

my feet hurt

perhaps it wasn't the best idea to wear those
shoes that hurt my feet so much. i have a number of
painful blisters on me feet now. it's been so awful walking
around this week. hurry up and heal yourself...
to cheer myself up and forget the pain a little my sister and 
i decided to head to chinatown after our classes for some yummy 
takoyaki~ that was perhaps one of the best lunches i've had for a while!
we've had some chilly weather, and these freshly made
balls of octopus goodness was the perfect way to warm up!


ah, and followed by a sweet dessert of crepes!
we both decided to stay safe with a chocolate strawberry
and brownie crepe with soft serve icecream. yummy!!
it's quite troublesome to eat these without icecream and
cream melting and dripping all over, how does one eat this
elegantly without making a mess? it's difficult, right?

and to wrap up a long week of uni, i found a few hours
to put together a mori outfit for a costume party coming up.
hopefully i'll get those antlers made for soon, although i'm still
unsure how i'll make them into an head accessory. hairband? clips?
updates to come~~

outfit post #70: Deer Me
- plastic cherry hairband
- faux fur collar with added ribbon tie
- black long sleeve tshirt
- wine coloured cardigan
- beige tulle underskirt
- tan coloured loafers

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