Thursday, 12 April 2012

a dinner date for five

 i don't think i've said anything about the most exciting
event that's coming up this weekend. my sister's
project moripop is holding a lolita hight tea party.

a few friends have been helping out making gifts
and prizes in addition to some main brand prizes.
we decided to have a thai dinner to tie up any last
loose ends. but looks like saturday is all good to go~

 the restaurant was one we've been to before
but the decor had changed (again). i really like
the rustic look and warm atmosphere here.
and cute thali is pretty excited over the menu...

 it was sister's birthday recently too, and the talented
thali drew a very adorable sketch of my sister's
bee characters. aren't they super cute?! she was helped
design the posters and postcards for the event.

and here's lauren graduating from her napkin studies!
she's the very lovely owner of sparkle peach and she was
kind enough to make some of her pretty jewellery for the
prizes too! there's so much in her shop i need!~

we then headed over to get crepes! yummy!
lindzi here dislikes crepes, and decided to have
an icecream sundae with cheesecake, which looked
so good too. staring at it like that, i think she'd agree~

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