Saturday, 28 April 2012

strawberry milk chocolate

oh look at the detail of my new bag!! actually, i'm more surprised that my phone camera could take such a macro photo. good job mr. phone~ i decided to take it out for a day at university. it was a relatively short day (only two hours) so i didn't have much to carry and i just wanted to parade my new bag about~

 i cut myself a front fringe again. although i was certain i would grow it out as a side fringe, and i was doing a good job, but to be honest, it felt a little strange. so, back to how it used to be~

outfit post #76
- pink plastic bow headband from baby the stars shine bright
- sequin bow top
- pink cardigan
- black chiffon skirt from jane marple
- black tights
- black socks (with a simple pattern)
- pink royal chocolate bag from angelic pretty

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